My new girl. My angel.

Hi Sandy!

Sorry for I was quiet in this week but I was busy. Actually, still.

I got a new project and working hard for deadline and manage the time for our new family member. Yes, we got a puppy. She is Sandy and she is 7 months old Golden Retriever. She is lovely and beautiful. Still remember the first I saw Sandy in a park one and half month ago. She was happy and running around with a tennis ball. Then we started to play with her and I fell in love with you in first sight. She is just so gentle and soft. She is my angel. I think dogs are the best company for human.Keep your safe next to your bed in the night. They’re always love you and being with you whatever happens. I love dogs so much. But never think about to have a dog. It is not easy to have one when you are always travel around like me. After lot of consideration and it’s happened when I met one like her. What can I do?

Have a good Sunday.





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